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Do Big Casino Bonuses Still Matter?

Big casino bonuses are a well-known phenomenon that many players look for when they join a new casino. Majority of gambling sites use these bonuses to attract new players and keep existing ones. However, as the years progressed, fewer and fewer sites are offering big casinos. This has nothing to do with the fact that the casinos are cutting costs but has everything to do with the ever-changing casino landscape.

The notion from many gamblers is that sites are cutting back due to the pandemic and regulation surrounding the issue. This is not true at all. This trend began years ago. Many casinos have slowly been decreasing their bonus offering. Over the years, we have seen promotions become smaller.

Withdrawal Speed Holds More Value Than Big Casino Bonuses

As the industry grows, people’s perception of things is also shifting. In recent years, we have witnessed that casinos that offer faster withdrawal speeds hold much more value compared to casinos that offer big bonuses.

According to a recent study, since 2016, fewer players claim bonuses. In the past, players would get bonus money or free spins upon signing up to a site. Moreover, the players would claim between 200% or 300%.

Big Casino Bonuses

Introduction of Pay N Play Casino

When Pay N Play Casino were introduced, it became difficult for players to claim sign-up bonuses. However, this did not bother players as they were able to make a withdrawal in five minutes or less. In contrast, this introduced a new era of fewer bonus offers.

More Products and Games Means Fewer Bonuses

Previously, players had fewer choices to choose from as there were fewer providers. You would find three or less different slot providers and therefore, bonuses were the only attraction to a certain casino.

Currently, there are over 200 slot games and with that presents even lower costs for casinos. Moreover, this means that casinos now need a larger budget to maintain these slots. And this might unfortunately have an impact on the bonus costs that the site has set aside. As there are more games in a casino catalogue, players are more inclined to want great quality games as well as faster withdrawal times than they would worry about big casino bonuses.