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What is the Difference Between Video Slots and Video Lottery?

As a beginner player, it is easy to confuse video slots with video lottery. The two are often identical. However, the truth is that the two are different. The most common difference between the two is how winners are determined. Video lotteries are more like bingo, scratch cards and pull-tabs in most cases.

In video slots, on the other hand, the wins are immediate, and there is no announcement when there is a winner. Additionally, video slots are not pre-programmed, unlike video lottery. In this guide, we will discuss the difference between the two and which one you should opt for.

Video Slots and Video Lottery

Should I Play Video Slots or Video Lottery?

We have given you a brief difference between the video slot machines and video lottery terminals (VLTs). Video slots are required to have random number generators, which means that they produce random results. Another thing is that this game is not based on luck. The numbers need to line up  to determine the winner in both video slots and video lottery., The major difference between the two is the percentage returned to the player.

Typically, VTLs have an RTP of between 90-98%. While slot machine usually has payout returns between 0% to 90% depending on the casino. Slots work differently in that each machine works independently of the next. Most players prefer and are familiar with video slots more than VLTs.

Cons of Playing Video Lottery

As we have already mentioned, most players are only comfortable playing video slot machines. The issue that most players have with VLTs is that they have pretty low payouts. The fact that these games require no skill. Whereas games that require skill payout more. The biggest issue with video lottery is that the maximum payout has the potential to hurt player returns.

There are no major drawbacks to playing this casino game; however, we recommend that you never bet more than the amount that returns the highest win. Although playing video lottery machines may be fun to pass the time, it will not make you much money. You are better off playing video slots if you want to win major prizes.