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UK Sees Increase Online Gambling Activity

United Kingdom sees an increase in online gambling activity as the Covid 19 forces land-based casinos to shut down. Although all the physical premises are struggling currently, gamblers access their favourite games from their tablets, mobile phones as well as desktop computers. Under normal circumstances, the lotto in makes 75 per cent from retail while only 25 per cent from online sales. With the lockdown though, the lotto has seen close to 25,000 customers register on the MyLotto online.

Meanwhile, the online platform has seen over 15,000 new users registered since the lockdown. This success is in contrast with the brick-and-mortar property where over 700 people have been laid off. According to the Health Promotion Agency, gambling habits have not changed much since the lockdown in United Kingdom.

Increased Online Gambling UK

Gambling Habits Stats Unpacked

The research further indicates that many UK gamblers have been gambling less due to financial contains. Additionally, since lockdown there has been a 9 percent increase in online gambling activities.

An additional 8 per cent has encountered online gambling for the first time while 12 per cent of people are gambling online more than usual. A common reason for the increased level of online gambling during this Covid 19 lockdown is due to the fact that people are unable to access their usual gambling premises.

Online Gambling Dangerously Accessible

The Problem Gambling Foundation has raised concerns regarding the accessibility of gambling online. Richard Northey, the chairman of the company revealed that online gambling is now dangerously accessible. The foundation says it is unsafe that gambling has become easily accessible which might put young people at risk.

Counselling clinics have been shut down since the lockdown but gamblers with a problem can speak to someone over the phone or video call. Gamblers in United Kingdom spend over $2402 million on gambling in the 2018/19 financial year. This includes $616 million at land-based casinos as well as $530 million on Lotto.

MyLotto Ticket Sales Double

In April, the Lotto announced an increase in its figures since the lockdown. At that time, the MyLotto website recorded over 90,000 players who registered to buy virtual tickets. The MyLotto tickets were double compared to other months.