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Cheating Casinos in the UK

Cheating casinos is not a practice we recommend. Whether you play at an online gambling site or at a land-based casino.No Cheating Cheating

Players use all sorts of ways to try and cheat a casino. There are a number of ways that players use such as accomplices, counting cards, mechanical know-how as well as inside knowledge.

Moreover, we will have a look at some of the casino cheating techniques that gamblers to trick casino games to work to their advantage.

How Gamblers Use Cheating Casinos Techniques

Although in most instances, the relationship between casinos and player is decent, there are moments where players resent the casino.

When this happens, the player will try to get their money back from the casino. Therefore, you will have to use techniques in a bid to cheat the casino. This in turn will guarantee that the player wins every time. Below, we list the most popular ways players use to cheat casino games:

Casino Roulette Cheating Software

Players who enjoy playing roulette use a number of different tactics to try and cheat the game. These include magnetic balls, sector targeting, top-hatting as well as wheel gaffing. So, here’s a breakdown of all these techniques:

Sector Targeting: this is basically when a player leans on the table of the wheel, which causes it to incline to one side.

Wheel Gaffing: when a player sprays the pocket with adhesive or loosens it to make ensure that it catches the ball regularly.

Magnetic Balls: sometimes players use magnetic balls to replace the traditional roulette ball. In this case, the magnet will be placed below the wheel and it controls where the ball lands.

Top-Hatting: this happens when a player diverts the dealer, when another player puts the ball in a different pocket. Sometimes the dealer will place the ball in the pockets himself because they are involved in the scheme.

Cheating in Casinos UK

A commonality is that the dealer or the croupier is involved in scheme. The dealers are often than not associated with roulette scams. This is due to the fact that the dealer in table games is the one in charge. The croupiers get caught by the security or the pit boss when they watch the camera.

Cheating Casinos Slot Machines

Cheating casinos slot machines is a common way that players use to beat the casino. Most slots are not overly supervised and players tend to take advantage of this. Over the years, slot machine tricks cheats have become more sophisticated. More and more players are creating cheat codes to trick slot machines.

The most-simplest method that players use to cheat the slot game machines is by using fake or counterfeit money. These are also slugging.

Player Cheat Poker Online

Basically, the way players cheat poker is by peeking and sleight of hand. Another technique is bluffing which is when a player “loosely pretending” or lies about having a better hand than you.

In instances where the dealer is in on the scam, they will perform a supposedly magical sleight of hand. In this case, the player will have a peek at the cards as they are dealt.

Another way to do this is that they also deal extra cards to themselves. The dealer will then reintroduce the cards into the deck which gives the cheating player an advantage as the game proceeds.

Cheating Blackjack

The most famous way to cheat blackjack is by counting cards. However, card counting is not as easy as the movies might make it seem. There are a number of factors to consider if you want to get it right.

Firstly, every card has to be assigned to a value. Then comes the difficult part, you will have to calculate the count per deck while you keep a running count founded on the dealt value of the card.

You can change your bets to make a profit once you guessed the count. You need to be really good at mathematics if you want to successfully cheat a blackjack game.

What Will Happen If You Get Caught Cheating at Casinos?

No matter how good you think you are, you will eventually get caught if you cheat at a casino. The repercussion may differ depending on the casino or sometimes from the state.

Additionally, the severity of the punishment will depend on the crime you have committed and how complex it is. For example, card counting is not illegal and if you are caught the most the casino will do is prohibit you from the property. This is not a major offence.