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Popular Blackjack Casino Myths

There are numerous blackjack casino myths that players need to consider before starting to play. Playing blackjack for real money means that you will be able to claim the best blackjack bonuses. Whether you decide to go for casinos that want a higher wagering requirement or lower, you can still play blackjack instantly. You can use blackjack myths to help you use the best strategy.

Top 5 Blackjack Casino Myths

The internet is riddled with many blackjack myths that some players may fall victim to. Here are a few popular blackjack myths and card counting myths that we want to debunk. Moreover, we will offer some tricks and tips to help you see past the myths and start enjoying your favourite game online:

Blackjack Casino Myths

1. You need a photographic memory to card count

This is not true; you do not need a photographic memory to remember the cards. This is not a blackjack myth that you should not believe. Card counting is an easy method where players keep track of the ratio of low to high cards. We suggest that you practice card counting at home with your own deck of cards. Make sure that you perfect your skill before you can start playing at an online casino.

2. Only mathematicians win at Blackjack

This is false. You do not need to be a mathematician to win at blackjack. The only thing you need is to be able to subtract or add simple numbers. If you are worried about card counting, you can use the Wong Halves system. This is great for players who are not strong at math.

3. You need luck to win at Blackjack

This is one of the most common blackjack myths that many players believe. However, this is far from the truth. It takes a strong knowledge of the rules, skill and an understanding of the basic strategy to win at blackjack. Being in the know will help you increase your chances of winning. Additionally, if you understand card counting, you will be able to reduce the house advantage.

4. You have to get as close as possible to 21

This is a blackjack myth that many players genuinely y believe. The main aim of playing blackjack is to get 21 and more. Therefore, you have to beat the dealer with a better hand if you want to win the blackjack. It is important that you don’t bust before the dealer. Your main priority is to beat the dealer, although chasing 21 is the main aim.

5. Progressive betting will increase your chances of winning

You will double your bets with every loss when you are using a progressive betting system. This is one of the most popular blackjack myths. The truth is that each blackjack hand is completely random, and it is not easy to predict if you will lose or win the next round. Using progressive betting systems does not work, and it will cause more harm than good.